Frequently Asked Questions

A couple of quick things to mention:

All chokers are made of thin gauge stainless steel and have a 16″ diameter.

If paypal is not your thing, you are welcome to send a check or cash.  Just let us know how you would like to pay and we can send instructions.

If you need more clarification – please just ask.  You can post a comment directly on the page.



How It All Works…

Welcome to black heart rocks!!  We are a joint mother-sons studio operating out of Black Rock, CT and Brooklyn, NY. Jane Silvestro, architect, graphic designer, carpenter, playground designer, gardener, language arts teacher, and all around inspirer, has been repurposing heart-shaped rocks found along the shore into beautiful necklaces for the past year and now, we bring them to you.

The process is fairly straightforward…look through the SMALLS, MIDS, BIGS, and NOT-ROCKS categories.  The Sizing post shows the length of the choker and the approximate size of each type of item.  If you like, pick a blackheartrock that suits you and e-mail the name and number of your selection, along with your name and address to:  You will receive a response with paypal account information and the shipping and handling costs.  If you are super-local, maybe we can arrange to drop it off or hand it to you over a Christmas cocktail-wink-wink.

You may notice that some of the pieces have SOLD**_____________**SOLD tags beneath them.  Clearly, these items are no longer available.  We will try to update the SOLD tags as quickly as possible but please note that they may not always be updated immediately (we are a small group) so please be patient.  Thanks.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions that come up.  FAQ post to follow shortly.

Below a couple of photos from the Black Rock studio…


Your quick reference guide to the approximate size of the S, M, and B categories.  Thanks Michelle and Abby!  Please note that just like us humans, each rock is unique and has its own shape and size.


The BIGS Category: $25 apiece.


The MIDS Category:  $25 apiece

The MIDS Category:  $25 apiece


The smalls category:  each item $25.

The smalls category:  each item $25.